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Primary Care Colposcopy

Primary Care Colposcopy

Textbook and Atlas
Thieme, 2004
A key tool in the fight against cervical cancer, colposcopy has today become a standard gynecologic technique and a must-know area for the primary-care practitioner who handles gynecologic patients in his or her practice.

This lavishly illustrated work includes complete instruction in performing colposcopic procedures, but its great strength are the more than 400 exquisite enlarged color photographs of diagnostic quality, allowing the examining practitioner to make confident assessments regarding the appearance of the cervix as seen in coposcopy.

COLPOSCOPY begins with coverage of equipment, training, and examination techniques. It then provides full information on normal and abnormal colposcopic findings and guidelines for differential diagnosis and treatment.

Comprehensive and wide-ranging, COLPOSCOPY shows you how to:
- Make routine exams more effective and accurate through the use of colposcopic screening
- Conduct an examination with colposcopy and document your results
- Reach the right differential diagnosis and determine the best method of treatment
- Use colposcopy to detect abnormalities not revealed through standard screening techniques.

Fully illustrated and based on decades of experience, COLPOSCOPY is an essential resource for anyone performing cervical examinations.
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ISBN-13: 978-1-58890-092-0
ISBN-10: 978-3-13-130721-7
EAN: 9783131307217
jazyk: anglický
stran: 176
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