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A Practical Guide to Care Planning in Health and Social Care

A Practical Guide to Care Planning in Health and Social Care

McGraw-Hill, 1. vydání, 2010
A valuable resource which will capture the interest of all those involved in planning high quality care' - C.Dickie, Lecturer of Adult Nursing, University of the West of Scotland, UK. 'This is an excellent book for anyone starting out on the Common Foundation year of their nursing degree, and as a reference to those further into their degree, on placement, or newly qualified. The care planning process is very well introduced using models and frameworks of care, with thorough explanations and visual aids ...I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to fellow students and colleagues, and I will use it through the remainder of my degree and beyond' - Conor Hamilton, Student Nurse, Queens University Belfast, UK. 'A highly useful and concise book that is also a practical size to carry around to lectures. This book is accurately planned and is a straight forward easy to read student guide to care planning. I found it informative and well structured in supporting how the theory and knowledge behind the care plan approach and how to implement the care plan in practice ...Marjorie Lloyd has done a wonderful job in providing the theory and practical knowledge alongside excellent examples of this often confusing process' - Sandra Costall, Student Nurse, University of Chester, UK. This accessible guide takes the mystery and fear out of care planning and will help you to develop a person centred approach to delivering good quality nursing care in all clinical settings. The book explores each part of the care planning process in detail and provides opportunities for you to reflect upon practice and to develop effective skills through: interprofessional working; risk management; communication and listening skills; reflection; and, supervision. Practical examples demonstrate how best to complete care planning documents and samples are provided in the appendix for you to practice with. Useful websites and checklists are included to help you become more confident with the care planning process. "A Practical Guide to Care Planning in Health and Social Care" is essential reading for all health and social care students involved in planning good quality care. A structured plan is the essential foundation for the delivery of safe and effective care. This publication successfully guides the reader through the stages of care planning using a simple yet systematic approach. Its strength lies in the carefully designed format which gives consideration to the evidence base as well as providing guidance for the practical application of care plans.
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kat. č.: 002032
ISBN-13: 978-0-335-23732-6
EAN: 9780335237326
jazyk: anglický
stran: 160
vazba: brožovaná
rozměry: 165x239 mm
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