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A Laboratory Manual

So much has been learned about RNA in the past ten years that the ability to purify, analyze, and manipulate RNA molecules is now essential in all kinds of bioscience. Initiating RNA research can be intimidating but the new book RNA: A Laboratory Manual provides a broad range of up-to-date techniques presented in a functional framework, so that any investigator can confidently handle RNA and carry out meaningful experiments, from the most basic to the highly sophisticated. Originating in three of the field's most prominent laboratories, this manual provides the necessary background and strategies for approaching any RNA investigation, as well as detailed protocols and extensive tips and troubleshooting information. It is required reading for every research laboratory in the life sciences. Provisional Contents: Chapter 1: The Fundamentals Chapter 2: Purification of RNA from Natural Sources Chapter 3: Detection and Sequence Determination of Specific RNAs Chapter 4: Synthesis and Modification of RNA In Vitro Chapter 5: Uses of Synthetic RNAs Chapter 6: Testing RNA Substrates for Activity In Vitro Chapter 7: RNAi-related Techniques Chapter 8: Genomic Approaches Appendices I Reagents II Stock Solutions III Nucleases and What They Do IV Miscellaneous Protocols V Cautions

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kat. č.: 002662
ISBN-13: 978-0-87969-891-1
ISBN-10: 0-87969-891-8
EAN: 9780879698911
jazyk: anglický
stran: 586
rozměry: 217x275 mm
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